NHS Cashback Card - All You Need To Know

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NHS cashback cards are pre-paid VISA ® debit cards which pay up to 12% cashback on purchases made at selected stores, including ASDA, M&S and Waitrose. They’re only available for UK residents who work for the NHS. So far, over £1 million in cashback has been paid to users.

What does the NHS cashback card do?

NHS cashback cards allow you to make your money go further in over 4,500 stores and restaurants. Simply transfer money onto your card and use it when shopping instore or online. If your purchase is eligible for cashback, it will be automatically calculated and credited to your card. This process is normally complete within seven days. To make managing your account easy, you can track your cashback online.

Which retailers accept the NHS cashback card?

The NHS cashback card can be used anywhere you see the Visa® Acceptance Mark, even abroad. So, if you’re going out food shopping, updating your wardrobe or treating yourself to a big household purchase, you’re bound to find a retailer who’ll accept your card.

Once you have your card, you can rediscover the delights of the High Street with cashback from Topshop, Primark, Wilko, Clarks, M&S and River Island, amongst others. Time for a new TV? Simply purchase one from Argos or John Lewis to receive a cashback bonanza. Need presents for your loved ones? Put a smile on their face – and even more cashback in your account – by shopping at Boots, Waterstones, Thorntons, Body Shop or American Golf.

You can even start saving for your wedding by earning cashback on engagement rings from H Samuel, Ernest Jones or Mappin & Webb or reduce the cost of house improvements by visiting B&Q and Carpetright. By making the NHS cashback card your preferred payment card, you’ll be able to accumulate more cashback than you ever dreamed possible! That’s why so many healthcare workers recommend the NHS cashback card to their colleagues.

Which restaurants pay cashback?

You can earn cashback relaxing over a coffee and cake at Caffe Nero or enjoying the all-American burger and milkshake experience at Five Guys. Even family meals at Harvester and Toby Carvery are eligible. Alternatively, why not enjoy a family film night at home, complete with pizzas from Papa Johns and a bottle or two of your favourite wine from Laithwaite’s? All of these restaurants and retailers support the NHS cashback card scheme.

How can I apply for an NHS cashback card?

As long as you have an NHS email address, you can apply online. You don’t need to pass a credit check and you won’t need to pay a set amount onto your card each month. Your new card will normally arrive within 14 days.

To activate your card, you need to make an initial top-up of just £5. You can then top up the card as often or as little as you want to online or via the app. Don’t forget, if you budget a set amount for grocery shopping, you can arrange to transfer that onto your card each month via standing order. This ensures that you’ll always have the funds needed for your weekly shop. With Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose all paying cashback, you’ll soon boost your cashback balance!

Can I share my cashback card?

You can maximise your savings by asking for an additional card for your partner. They’ll share your balance, making your NHS cashback card ideal for joint spendings, such as grocery shopping. Don’t forget, your partner doesn’t need to work for the NHS to enjoy the benefits of your NHS cashback card!

Your partner will be able to top up your balance independently so if they need to make a large purchase without you, they can.

How can I make the most of my NHS cashback card?

Here are six great ways to make the most of your NHS cashback card:
Top it up every month. Once you have money on the card, you’re far more likely to remember to use it! Setting up a regular payment from your debit card or standing order will help you avoid top-up fees. Alternatively, you can top up your card as and when you need to online or by using a secure app.

Get in the habit of using your card to pay for all your grocery shopping. You can also continue to use loyalty cards and vouchers to maximise your savings.

Keep a printout of eligible retailers in your handbag or glovebox so you can easily check availability when you’re out and about.
Keep your card at the front of your wallet or purse to remind you to ask if it’s accepted. You can use your card to pay for purchases over the phone as well as in store.

Save it as your favourite card for online purchases. Make sure that you use it for big-ticket items such as electricals, clothing and jewellery. ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose all accept the NHS cashback card for online grocery shops, helping to make your money go even further.
Apply for a card for your partner so you can double your savings. Don’t forget, they can also top up the balance!

The benefits of using an NHS cashback card

The NHS cashback card is a great way to manage your money and reduce the cost of essential purchases, such as food and clothing. Now you can earn money on your everyday shopping and use your cashback to treat your family to gifts, clothes or even meals out.

It’s impossible to overspend when you’re using the NHS cashback card, so it’ll help you manage your money as well as rewarding you for the great work you do for the NHS. With no fee for the first year and thousands of appreciative users, there’s no better time to enjoy shopping with the NHS cashback card.

*excluding petrol and adult/gambling sites

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