Our Report Insights

Each year Salad Money commits to producing several reports, using the data our Open Banking applications give us. You can see all our reports below, simply click on the download button to see all of our insights.

Salad Money 2022-23 Impact Report

Salad Money 2022-23 Impact Report looks at the activities the business has undertaken over the period, the impact its had and the trends its seen.


A comparison of Open Banking data vs Credit Reference Agency Data, for the sub-prime market.


A look at the level of gambling within the UK population, and harmful issues that may be arising.

Salad Money 2021-2022 Impact Report

A look back at the performance of Salad Money over 21-22, looking at our impact and the success we've had.

Financial Resilience and Credit Landscape of Public Sector Workers - Sep 22

Following on from the report into the financial health of NHS workers, this report looks at the wider public sector and the credit landscape.

The Financial Health of NHS Workers - Nov 20

This report from November 2020 looks into the details of NHS workers across the UK, using unique Open Banking data.

RF - Social Score

Responsible Finance believes the Credit Information Market in its current form harms access to affordable credit, contributes to the poverty premium and results in poor consumer outcomes.