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Consumers Voices, Financial Lives Episode 1

EPISODE 1 - Consumer Voices, Financial Lives

In Episode 1 of "Consumer Voices: Financial Lives," you can hear from Salad Money customers Zak, Jenni, and Adrian as they share their credit experiences and the challenges they have faced. Salad Money CEO Tim also provides insights, offering a comprehensive look at how the credit industry impacts the financial lives and overall well-being of consumers across the UK.

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Consumer Voices, Financial Lives

TRAILER - Consumer Voices, Financial Lives

Salad Money are undertaking a series of films called "Consumer Voices: Financial Lives", the series is a compelling set of videos exploring the UK credit industry. It highlights everyday people's struggles and interactions with credit systems, offering insights into their experiences and challenges. The series aims to raise awareness and promote understanding of the financial hurdles faced by ordinary consumers every single day.

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Open Banking Explained

Open Banking Explained

At Salad Money we use Open Banking is at the core of everything we do, however some of you might not have heard about Open Banking so this video explains what it is and how we use it.

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