9 Steps To Ask For a Raise and Get It!

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9 Steps To Ask For a Raise and Get It!

Hard work should always pay off. As employees ourselves, we know how much effort you put in to give your company your best.

Many organisations are known for actively recognising their employees’ hard work and rewarding them in different ways.

However, there are also many who fail to do so. Therefore, it falls to the employee to be the one to ask for their rightful rewards in terms of a raise or a promotion.

If you’re one of these hard-working people, achieving all your work goals, exceeding performance expectations and getting the best results, you deserve a raise.

If your company hasn’t given you one yet, you can always ask for it yourself. However, asking for a raise can seem a little intimidating to some.

In this article, we bring you a few simple tips on how to ask for a raise at work to help make the procedure easier for you.

Asking For A Raise: 101

1. Choose The Right Time

Selecting the best time to ask for a raise can actually make all the difference. Imagine walking up to your manager, while they are in the middle of a heated argument with a client or the CEO and asking them for a raise. 

Doesn’t sound like a good idea, does it? Well, it’s not, which is why the timing plays a crucial role.

During performance reviews, after positive feedback, after accepting an increase in your workload, or when your manager is relaxed are usually the right times. 

2. List Out All The Reasons Why You Deserve A Raise

Before you ask for a pay raise, you need to list out all the reasons why you believe that you deserve one. 

The better case you make, the more likely you are to get what you want. A good idea is to talk about your achievements, soft and hard skills, experience, and the positive feedback you’ve received in the past. 

Keep records of positive feedback from clients or colleagues and make sure you note successes throughout the year in a document so that you’re prepared.

3. Research Industry Salary Trends

Different industries have different salary trends. These refer to the amount of raise that an employee is likely to receive after a certain period of time.

Before asking for a raise, it is a good idea to research a little about the salaries and promotions other people in the same industry usually get. 

To do this, you can either get in touch with someone you know from the industry or you can always take the help of search engines and forums. 

4. Come Up With A Reasonable Number

Keeping in mind the industry trends, your accomplishments, your current salary and the last time you got a raise, you need to come up with a number.

Being specific about the amount of pay raise you expect is a good way to ensure that you get one. 

Coming up with a reasonable percentage in mind will make your employer realise that you’ve thought this through and make a better case for you. 

5. Ask For A Meeting

Now that you’ve done all your research and are prepared to ask for a raise, it’s time to schedule a meeting with your manager or employer. 

You can simply approach them by saying something like, “I’d like to schedule a meeting with you regarding my compensation, please let me know when would be a good time for you.”

6. Prepare Yourself

How to ask for a raise at work? Be absolutely prepared and precise. 

Although you’re done with most of your preparation, it is important to know exactly what you’re going to say at the meeting.

Your openers, your motives, your closing pitch and everything else need to have a flow. This is essential to avoid panicking and losing control of the conversation.

7. Ask For A Raise

Well, you’re good to go now. It’s time for the meeting and you are prepared to ask for a raise.

Dress up neatly, be on time and guide the conversation towards where you want it to go. Be confident and remember that you deserve it.

8. Be Prepared For Any Questions or Responses

Now of course, once you’re done with your part of the meeting, your manager might have some questions and responses for you.

This is natural and you need to be prepared to face these questions without worrying too much. Answer their questions politely and in the most concise manner possible.

Take their responses calmly and understand their point of view. If the response is negative, you can ask them the reason behind it to prepare yourself better for the future.

9. Thank Your Manager / Employer

After the meeting is done, no matter the conclusion, you should thank your manager or employer for their time and consideration.

You can also write them an email, thanking them and highlighting the key points of the meeting.

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