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We all know that teaching can be a rewarding career. You’re responsible for helping kids get started in life — what could be more important? 

But did you know that being a teacher can be rewarding in another way? As a teacher, you’re able to get a wide range of discounts when shopping. That’s right, brands from Coast and Look Fantastic to Deliveroo and Nandos all want to recognise the hard work of teachers by giving them money off purchases.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or buying for a loved one, you’ll be able to access certain discount codes to use online or in-store. Ready to see our top teacher deals?Read on...

What discounts can teachers get?

Have a quick search online and you’ll see that there are lots of discounts and deals available to teachers. These might be available directly from a retailer, through your local education authority, from your school, or through specialist discount companies. 

You’ll be able to find a long list of retailers and brands offering discounts through specialist discount companies or by searching for specific companies online. However, discounts available through local education authorities or your school might be a little harder to find. Do some digging or ask the office at your school — these deals might not be advertised.

Where can teachers get discounts in the UK?

A huge range of brands are now offering generous discounts to teachers in the UK. Still, to focus on just a few, we’ve created this list of our top eleven teacher deals. We’ve tried to include options that will appeal to everyone — whether your thing is theatre, the outdoors, or luxury holidays!

You’ll be able to access each of these deals through the Discounts for Teachers site. We recommend searching for each brand in their November Teachers Discount List.

Go Ape

Soon you and your family will be swinging through the trees with this 10% teachers discount. Go Ape is the UK’s No.1 adventure forest and has 34 locations in the UK. If you have kids, this one will come in handy during the holidays.

Bloom & Wild

Get money off beautiful bouquets from Bloom & Wild. Next time you want to send a floral bunch to a friend, you’ll get 30% off.

Cycles UK

Even though 5% might not seem like the biggest discount in the world, if you’re buying a bike, it’s certainly worth having. Thinking about making the switch from driving to cycling to work? The Cycles UK could be a great company to check out.

Go Outdoors

Whether you’re planning a hike, camping trip, or skiing holiday, 15% off at Go Outdoors is sure to help. Grab your gear and a great deal.

Grind Coffee

If you’re a teacher, coffee may well be the friend that helps you through that planning. Stock up on some great tasting compostable pods from Grind Coffee with 30% off your first subscription order.


If you’re a fan of the bright and comfy men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothes from Joules, this one's for you. Enjoy a 20% teachers discount.


Theatre lovers, rejoice! Get 10% off theatre tickets and West End shows from LOVEtheatre, a trusted ticket provider.


Pamper yourself with this exclusive 20% teachers discount. Sukin, a natural skincare brand, is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Plus, their products don’t damage the environment.

Luxury Cottages

Enjoy those much anticipated holidays in style with Luxury Cottages. Get £50 off when you book a stay in one of their handpicked properties.

Pure Gym

If you’re hoping to join a gym soon, Pure Gym is offering a 10% off deal for teachers. Gyms, spas, and sports facilities can be expensive, so It’s certainly worth keeping in mind when shopping around.

Vue Cinemas

If you’re a fan of the big screen, you should know about Vue’sTeachers Cinema Tickets. Save up to 40% and enjoy the action, have a laugh, or fall in love for a fraction of the cost of a regular ticket.

Best mobile deals for teachers

Mobile phones can be a significant monthly expense, so we’ve also included a few mobile phone deals for teachers. Each of these can also be found on the Discounts for Teachers website.

Carphone Warehouse

Virgin Mobile


We hope that these lists have introduced you to some great brands and saved you some hard earned money at the same time. And remember, if you have a favourite shop, clothing brand, or online retailer, you can always ask if they have any discount codes or freebies for teachers. Even if they don’t have any specific deals at the moment, they might register your interest and recognise teachers in their future deals. Fingers crossed!

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