Who has access to Health Service Discounts?

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As an NHS care worker, we know that you work hard every day to take care of those who need it most. From late nights to long shifts and very little rest in between, you probably don’t get that much time to think about your finances or even make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money.

This is why we’ve decided to take the stress out of taking care of your finances by telling you all about the great deals you can get through Health Service Discounts.

What is Health Service Discounts?

With over 1.8 million members, Health Service Discounts is the UK’s largest healthcare and NHS discount website. It’s an online platform that provides discounts and deals for NHS staff, care workers and their families, on anything from holidays to phones, groceries and car insurance. It’s free to sign up to, easy to use and it’s updated constantly with new and exciting offers.

Health Service Discounts believes in making your money go as far as possible, rewarding you for all your amazing work with deals from a variety of commercial partners such as Apple, Clarks, O2, Tesco, SKY, M&S and tons of others.

Do you have to pay for Health Service Discounts?

Health Service Discounts is 100% free. All you have to do is register, select your membership type and fill in a form. Although you don’t have to sign up with your work email address to register, (some people choose to sign up with their personal email addresses to keep track of great offers and news from us at home), you’ll need to provide your NHS email address to obtain access to all the deals available on the site.

Once you sign up, you can access the huge database of offers, discounts and deals you’re entitled to as an NHS worker, support staff or care worker. You can find all the information on how to redeem your discount on each offer on the site, without needing to use a discount card to access the offers.

Am I Eligible for Health Service Discounts?

The discounts are available to you if you work for the NHS, are a family member of someone who works for the NHS, are a student training to be a nurse or doctor or work as a member of staff in a GP practice. Here’s the full list:

• NHS Staff (full time, part-time or temporary)
• GP Staff
• Dental Practice Staff (NHS)
• Pharmacy Staff (NHS)
• Retirees of any of the above
• Medical or nursing students and trainees
• Volunteers in the health sector
• NHS related charity staff
• Foundation trust members
• Carers
• Hospice staff
• Family of NHS staff

What Else Do Health Service Discounts Do?

Health Service Discounts provide exclusive discounts and deals to over 1 million NHS and healthcare workers who have signed up to the website. While they love giving people the opportunity to save money on 100s of brands, they also offer a variety of other services.

Money-Saving Tips

The Health Service Discount website contains a wealth of great money-saving tips and financial advice for NHS and healthcare staff. They regularly update their content with the latest need-to-know financial news. You’ll also find guidance on how to get more for your money, new brands included in their user-friendly listings and even lifestyle news and career guidance.

Cashback Card

You can also sign up for a Health Service Discounts Cashback Card, which gives you a percentage of what you spend at select retailers back into your account. This means you can spend money on your card knowing that you’re saving even more every day.

Deals on Loans

Tired of trawling through hundreds of loan providers to find the best deals? Health Service Discount has the latest deals and offers on loans tailored to your needs. Find deals from fair, affordable and recommended credit providers like us, without the need to go through toxic loan companies.

Thinking of getting a small, affordable loan? Find out more from Salad Money today.

Healthcare Lottery

The Health Service Discount website even has an online lottery with prize money ranging from £100 to £500 and even up to £10K when the prize rolls over to the following week. You can play the Health Service lottery for just £1 per time, which is paid monthly by direct debit, knowing that each time you play, you will be helping to raise much-needed funds for Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

The principle of the lottery is to raise money for the trust, which helps support nurses who are suffering from hardship, with a big chunk of your £1 play money going to the trust.

Health Service Discounts Retailers

You can access great deals and discounts from 100s of retailers using Health Service Discounts online. Browse their A to Z list of retailers to find deals from numerous great commercial brands and categories such as:

Shopping and Travel

Looking for deals on everyday essentials or want to save money on your next big holiday? You’ll be sure to find a deal with discounts on some of the most popular items and brands.

Mobile Phones

Find a great deal on the latest iPhone or shop for your next SIM-only deal with exclusive offers and savings through Health Service Discounts. Covering brands such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei, you’ll find your favourite handset at a great price.

TV, Broadband and Utilities

You can even make savings on household bills, as well as broadband and TV packages with offers from top providers such as Sky, BT, Talk Talk and more. The website is also updated with the latest energy offers too, which could end up saving you hundreds of pounds a year on your household bills.

Motoring and Insurance

From AA breakdown cover to car insurance and even a brand new ride to get you to and from your NHS and care service job, you’ll find a deal that’ll make your journey that little bit sweeter.

Finance and Savings

Health Service Discounts is a great source for insurance, credit card offers, deals on ISAs and savings sourced from only the most trusted providers.

Health Service Discounts think your hard work should be rewarded - and so do we. Get fair and affordable loans when you need them most from Salad Money. And, don’t forget to register for Health Service Discounts!

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