5 Tips For When You Need Emergency Money Fast

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5 tips when you need emergency money fast

Long-standing loan payments, unpaid bills, or a car that won’t start may mean you need access to money quickly. 

Whilst your first choice might be a bank for a loan or to dip into your savings fund, if you have one - what do you do when your savings are short and you have a bad credit score?

We’re here to help. In this article, we’ve highlighted five simple tips to keep in mind, to help you get emergency money quickly. 

A Salad Money “More Than Your Score” Loan

We’d be missing a trick if we didn’t have ourselves as the top option here, but as a top provider of keyworker loans, we’re here to help.

One of the easiest ways to raise emergency money quickly is through our fair and affordable loans. Our system does not consider your credit score in order to loan you the money you need. 

Our open banking-based affordability assessment helps us analyse your eligibility without impacting your credit score. This is a much fairer assessment made especially for working professionals who have been wronged by credit rating agencies.

So if you’re an employed, you can apply for our loans right away and receive funds to ease your financial situation. 

Rent Out a Space in Your Home

Here’s a smart idea that doesn’t necessarily pop into most people’s minds. There are a huge number of students and tourists looking for an inexpensive place to stay until the end of their term or trip.

Why not consider renting out an extra room or a small space in your home to such travellers and get paid for almost no work? 

Furthermore, by providing facilities like breakfast and laundry to your guests, you can typically charge a higher price. Whilst not always possible right away, this is a great way to generate some income on the side with a little planning.

Pick Up a Side Hustle

If you’ve followed pop culture in recent times, the idea of a side hustle may not be news to you. Whilst many of us may not have the time to pick up a side hustle, for those that do, this can be incredibly lucrative.

The concept is all about developing a secondary source of making money, using the spare time you have outside of your primary employment.

Whether your side hustle is something super simple like picking up a cleaning job for a local office or ironing for friends and family, or something a bit more involved such as car booting or antique peddling - there are literally hundreds of ways to make some extra money whilst in employment.

Sell Off Old or Unwanted Clothes and Household Items

As the old saying goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” and from experience, this couldn’t be more true. If you find yourself with old, unwanted clothes, games or even utensils, then tools like Facebook marketplace make earning some extra money incredibly simple.

With apps like Vinted, Facebook Marketplace and so many more, selling unwanted items has never been easier. You may be surprised by how much you could earn and how quickly you can sell them.

Whilst this may not be suitable for everyone, many people turn selling their second hand clothes and items into a fairly profitable side hustle - one definitely worth considering if you need cash quickly.

Work Extra Hours

A simple idea that can help in the most trying times. Whilst not always possible - depending on your employment or personal scenario, if your current employer allows you to work extra hours, then it may be worth planning your requirements and working accordingly.

All you need to do is let the employer know that you are willing to take on more shifts, or work overtime. This way you can simply raise the extra money without having to worry about selling your stuff.

Additionally, this can be even more beneficial for employees working at firms that provide extra compensation for overtime. 

Choose Salad Money for Fair and Affordable Loans 

Now you can get easy loans without having to worry about a poor credit score. We offer fair lending services to all working professionals at affordable rates regardless of their credit scores.

With our fair affordability assessment system, we analyse your spending history and find the right loan for you when you’re in need of some emergency money. 

To learn more about our services, contact us today!

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