5 Benefits of Open Banking for Loan Applications

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5 Benefits of Open Banking for Loan Applications; two women looking at phone

As the world moves towards an ever more connected digital banking system, open banking has become one of the most secure and transparent ways to access financial data.

This has not only helped improve efficiency across a wide range of financial systems but has significantly helped ensure transparency in the lending sector.

For borrowers, it has made the process of getting a loan more streamlined and secure, whilst allowing lenders secure access to a borrower’s financial information, giving more flexibility to provide the most suitable offers. 

In this article, we discuss the top benefits of open banking when applying for a loan in the UK.

Let’s get started.

1. Streamlined Application Process

The introduction of open banking is a significant step in streamlining the loan application process. Traditionally, submitting a loan application involved the long process of gathering documents which were then reviewed and verified, taking a long time for loan disbursal.

Now, with open banking, lenders have much quicker, consent-based access to financial documents. This not only makes the process safer but also more accurate.

Moreover, the efficiency of open banking reduces the loan application and disbursal process from weeks to hours, making the borrowing process much smoother. 

2. More Personalised Loan Offers

The benefits of open banking don’t stop at streamlining the application process. They also allow for a greater level of personalisation with your loan terms, borrowing amount and interest rates.

With a comprehensive understanding of the borrower’s financial situation, lenders can customise their loan offers for specific situations. This opens up much better opportunities for both borrowers and lenders, moving away from the traditional and quantitative credit score system.

As a result, one of the biggest benefits of open banking for customers is the increased level of personalisation it offers. From custom loan amounts to flexible repayment plans, open banking helps people access what they need, when they need it.

3. Faster Loan Approval Times

One crucial benefit of open banking is the facilitation of a quicker loan approval process.

Traditionally, the greatest bottleneck in a loan application is the approval process. This is because of the amount of manual processes which leads to slow verification of the applicant’s documents.

However, with open banking, lenders get access to real-time, verified data that allows for a much faster process. This is a significant benefit for those borrowers who require funds on an urgent basis.

4. Improved Financial Security

Without fully understanding open banking and using it as it should be used, you may be wondering “Is open banking safe?”. As long as you keep your details secure, it is in fact a safe and extremely reliable way of sharing certain financial information with your bank. 

With an offline loan application, your physical financial documents are taken to your loan provider’s office, where anyone could potentially have access. 

Moreover, now that you have submitted your crucial documents, they stay in their database forever, until they decide to discard them. However, with open banking, you have complete control over exactly who has access to your financial data, when they have access to it and for how long.

As a result, your financial information, which is stored online, is only accessible to the people you give permission to, which you can withdraw at any time. Thus, significantly improving financial security.

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The benefits of open banking are revolutionising personal lending with more tailored, efficient, and secure banking experiences.

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We leverage our open banking based affordability assessment system to provide you with the loan you need regardless, of your credit score.

As an FCA-approved lender, you can rest assured knowing that your financial well being and data is safe with us.

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