It’s all about impact

As a CDFI (Community Development Finance Institution) we’re all about impact. Helping communities across the UK access the credit they need; at a cost they can afford is something we care passionately about. Alongside credit we are also helping people access the benefits they are entitled to but not yet claiming. You can see more about our impact below.

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million in June

Interest saved

Our number one goal is to save our customers interest when compared to their realistic alternatives. *Compared to a current high-cost lender whose £1,000 loan is 1,333% APR (292% interest p.a.), and where the total interest is capped at equivalent to the loan amount as per high-cost credit regulations.

Gender Split

Since inception we have supported NHS, Public Sector and Key workers access credit across the UK, here’s how our customers are split by gender.

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million in June

Benefit entitlement

As part of our application process, we offer all applicants access to a free benefits checker. Across the UK each year there are some £16bn in unclaimed benefits, we aim to lower this number! To do that our system looks at the Open Banking data we get provided in each application and analyses it for Benefits in order to see if there are those that could claim more.

Where are our customer based?

To date we have supported 72,939 across the UK. The map shows exactly where our customers are based in July

What are people saying about us?

We take the feedback our customers give us very seriously, everything you tell us goes into how we change and adapt the offering we provide. You can see some our latest reviews here. You can also add to them if you want!