As a for-profit social enterprise and the first truly responsible workforce lender, we’re proud to be different. This runs right to the heart of how we operate as a business. Unlike most workforce lenders our social objectives come top of the list. Fairness, equality and providing affordable credit for public sector workers outweighs our need to make a profit every time. That’s why our purpose is not to pay dividends to shareholders or investors. Any surplus profit we make is reinvested back into the business. That way we can provide more affordable and appropriate loans as well as financial education. We’ll reach more people and have a greater social impact, which is our primary purpose. We think that’s fair, so we’ve written it into our company rules. Rules that can’t be changed without informing our partner employers. We have put, and are committed to continually putting, our money where our mouth is. Delivering fair lending for the NHS. Because when it comes to being fair and delivering on a social purpose, it’s what you do, rather than what you say, that really matters.