Salad Money is here to help you solve the problem

We wish we didn't need to exist

But we do. Many people struggle when faced with unexpected costs. Rather than take advantage of money misery, we want to end it. Salad Money is different because:

We exist to solve the high-cost loan problem, not keep investors happy

Our service funds free financial education for employees

We behave responsibly and we invite scrutiny

We are overseen by an independent body

Salad money

How does Salad Money work?

We provide loans to NHS and public sector workers of up to £1000.

Depending on our relationship with your employer, we offer salary deducted loans or loans where we take repayments via direct debit.

Salary deducted loans come with the additional benefit of being offered at our lowest interest rate.

Open Banking explained

Open Banking is a secure method for sharing your financial information with trusted organisations. If you give permission, it works by connecting to your online banking service. It doesn’t allow anyone to make payments from your account or make any changes. And you’ll never be asked to give your login details to anyone except your own bank or building society. It’s the digital equivalent of giving someone your printed bank statements.

Salad Finance Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.