Mark's Salad Money case study

I needed the loan as a result of the pandemic – I was put on reduced hours and multiple factors ended up meaning that money became a bit tight, so I needed some extra support. I originally heard about Salad Money on Facebook and then did some extra research before applying – I saw it as a good option as you help NHS staff and I do not have the option of an overdraft on my account. I am jointly responsible for the financial decisions in my household, sharing responsibility with my partner. I found the application very easy to complete, however I was a bit dubious about the open banking process as I’d not come across it before.

After looking at some customer reviews on Trust Pilot and researching Salad money online, I was satisfied you were a legitimate company. I chose Salad Money as I was not aware of any other lenders who were specifically helping NHS staff (at the time). I am very happy with how repayments are set up, as they are set up on the same day as I get paid. I get frustrated when Direct Debits are set for weird dates throughout the month as it becomes difficult to manage, and having them set up automatically on my payday makes the whole process easier.