Charlene NHS Worker

I really wanted to pay off a chunk of my credit card to feel more on top of things. I wasn't aware Salad Money did not check credit scores but was attracted by the idea of a company that helps NHS workers. My employer does offer some sort of programme, but I have not looked into it myself. I found Salad Money a "million times better than any company I've used in the past". I found the application really easy to understand. It was perfectly transparent, and I felt there were no hidden corners to search - You laid out my repayments clearly, what it would look like over the course of the loan etc. The reason I liked the application so much and I chose Salad Money wasn't because you were willing to give me money, it was that you care if I could actually afford it. Each question showed you have genuine concern for your customers financial wellbeing, you weren't trying to give it away and get people borrowing from you, you want to make sure it is affordable.

I was really impressed by the benefits calculator but ran out of time when completing it. I wasn't aware I was potentially missing out on nearly £800. Think its brilliant you are bringing this to peoples attentions, especially with everything going on.