Abdus Key worker

I found out about Salad Money from a colleague at work - you were recommended due to the speedy disbursement and ease of loan application. I needed the money as I had an unexpected bill and was short on funds. I make the financial decisions in his household. My employer does offer a salary advance scheme. The fact that you don't use credit scoring wasn't a factor in my choosing you - it was more the disbursement time. I found the application really fast and efficient, just like my colleague had said. I have found that other loan applications can take much longer, and disbursement is much longer too. I found the open banking check fine, and I understood why you have to do it. Repayments are very manageable and affordable. I likely wouldn't have gone for the higher loan amount if offered, as my unexpected bill was less than that and I don't like to borrow more than I need. I was also impressed with the speed of your response to my email.