Lindsay Key Worker

I chose Salad Money as the advert I saw was specifically for emergency workers like myself. The low repayments were perfect for me. I think it's brilliant how you operate: it's refreshing to not have someone look at the previous circumstance or the mistakes someone's made 10 years ago. I appreciate that Salad Money take customers at face value. It really gives people a chance, it's really modern and it's the way it should be done. My employer has a credit union you can save with and take out loans and mortgages...I have used the service in the past, for the holiday period to help to spoil my children etc - everything has been paid off or early but they declined my application last year based on my credit score. I have a car on finance and wanted to consolidate my debts as the payment for the loan would have been less that I'm paying for the car itself each month and freed things up but my application for a consolidation loan was declined due to my credit score. I thought the application with Salad Money itself was so easy. In regards to Open banking it can be a double edged sword, but I do think it's better, it gives more people the chance to prove the computer is not correct - but is a bit daunting as everyone's afraid of fraud. Luckily everything is clearly regulated, everything is up front and clear and I found the site offered a lot of reassurance.

I knew I wouldn't be eligible for further benefits but did run through the calculator anyway. The service was really straight forward and easy to follow. There was no question I felt I had to search for the answer to and I think it's a really positive part of what you offer.