Heritier's Salad Monet case study

I took the loan out due to some household repairs and an unexpected funeral. I was really surprised to find a company like Salad Money, and I was really grateful to find people who specifically wanted to help Civil Service workers. My employer does not offer any financial advice, but do allow a percentage of wage to be disbursed early. Although I have used this service from them once, I  wouldn't again as it left me short and playing catch up with my own wage packet until the end of the next month. I looked online for someone to help and found Salad Money through a Google search.

I found the application really straightforward, although I was apprehensive about the Open Banking section at first. I’ve applied for loans previously and never come across it before, but I was reassured after some research. I called Salad Money at the time and was reassured you were a legitimate company, and had no issues finding the information I needed to proceed. You really helped me when I needed it, and I trust your company. Repayments are seamless and I love that it is mirrored to my pay date so I don’t have to think about it.