Getting NHS staff discounts on your UK staycation

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Getting staycation discounts for NHS workers

Whilst taking to the skies feels miles away from our reality, we are surrounded by a wealth of views and activities on our doorstep. From family-friendly resorts to quiet leafy getaways, staycations can give you all the escape without the excess travel. Fortunately for NHS employees, discounts make it all the more affordable to take a well-deserved break.


When we think of holidays, it is easy to get wrapped up in the vision of sun and sand. We may not be able to hop on the next plane to our ideal destination just this minute, but we are spoilt with holiday-worthy locations that give us brilliant alternatives.


Variety is at your doorstep. Explore the United Kingdom’s sweeping green landscapes and rich blue seasides at a discounted cost. Below we have picked out some of the best UK holidays with NHS staff discounts, whatever your priority is!


Where are the best places for UK holidays?

Location-wise, anywhere! We are lucky that the UK is full to the brim with regional treasures and hidden nooks to discover. For NHS workers who have young children, you may be interested in Butlin’s or Haven - both of which sport locations dotted around the map. Or maybe it’s time to put your explorers’ hat on and discover the breadth of England, Scotland or Wales with Forest Holidays. In the UK, you will find whatever you desire with discounted staycations. 


UK holidays don’t always have to be for summer either. Embark on a Christmas getaway or celebrate a special anniversary with a weekend away from cars and people. NHS employees can choose from forests to seasides, swimming to lounging; feel fulfilled with an exciting time away in one of the UK’s astonishing counties. 


For those who require peace of mind, these UK staycations are prepared. The majority of holidays provide you with cancellation policies and refunds, reassuring for uncertain times ahead. Furthermore, they follow with whatever current regulations are put in place for businesses in COVID-19.



Adored by thrill-seekers and rural lovers alike, hiking brings together gorgeous views and enjoyable exercise. This is an option for those of you who are couples or families with older kids, as you take in the downs and valleys at your own pace and see the world from a fresh perspective. Make it old school by packing your own sandwiches ready for a picnic with a view like no other.  


Whilst day-to-day work life is non-stop, hiking will give you the opportunity to pause and think about the wider picture. Worldwide Hotels are offering 10% off their gorgeous escapes for hard-working NHS employees, so why not find a place with a mountainous backdrop? 


You can spend the day walking the hills and come home to a luxuriously-made bed, resting those tired muscles after an invigorating hike. And you don’t even need to look too far! Choose a nearby scenic break and forget the long, stressful travels with a hiking staycation.



A classic reason for anyone’s holiday. We understand that working numerous 12-hour shifts in a week can make relaxation a rare occurrence. We want NHS employees to have a substantial time to relax, where you can do more than just sleep, eat, and work. 


At, you can get up to 10% off your quaint staycation. This is the perfect antidote to city living and busy wards, giving you your own little world away from the noise. You don’t have to relax alone though - if you have a furry friend, a cottage staycation is ideal as many on are dog-friendly. 


Start your day with a dog walk, maybe collect a pastry from a local village bakery, and then curl up in front of a crackling log fire. bring over 21,000 individual cottages to suit whoever visits, and each one abides by Visit England’s graded standards. 



Food lover? Centre your UK staycation around all the food you could dream of. Some of the NHS employees discount staycations come with food deals to keep the cost down as much as possible. Greene King Inns invites you for 10% off in over 135 hotels, for example. 


As you will be experiencing comfort within a hotel-restaurant establishment, you will never be more than a couple of floors away from an eatery. When you choose to stay with Greene King Inns, you will get a brilliant 25% off all your food at their restaurant. Alternatively, seek your special NHS discount with a seaside break to Pontins where you and your family have a wide range of restaurants and takeaways to choose from to please everyone (perfect for those fussy eaters).


And for those who have the culinary skill, why not go for self-catering. Many cabins come with a stunning kitchen to cook a romantic meal or a family favourite and have a convenience store nearby. Test out a new recipe you have been meaning to try without time constraints of bedtimes and shifts.



We understand that currently, many people will be craving true escapism. Maybe you wanted to finish this year with a European city break, or to experience a festival thousands of miles away. We may have to settle for somewhere a little closer to home, but this doesn’t mean you have to accept the mundane. 


NHS employees can receive discounts on many of their local cultural holidays. Try your hand at boating and cycling, or living in the forest without mobile phones with Hoseasons. Right now, they are offering a 10% discount for NHS employees. Boasting hustle and bustle-free environments, you can have space and time to try out a more grounded way of living. 


Culture is aplenty with small village living too, which many staycations are located in. Find out the cultural and historical background of some of the UK’s most fascinating hidden gems. With Original Cottages, you can be guided to your perfect escape with their helpful team and make the most of the local culture - pubs, restaurants, trails and wildlife, to name but a few. Now offering £40 off and extra discounts throughout, NHS employees can get their cultural fix at a pocket-friendly price.


Get a discount on your UK holiday

All of the previous holiday ideas and more are available to you at a reduced cost. As an NHS worker, you deserve a treat regardless of whether or not you can go abroad. Stay safe and healthy with UK staycations, but keep your holiday compromise-free by getting the experience you want out of your time away. 


The UK is a travel hotspot for many tourists overseas and we encourage you, as UK residents, to see it in all its beauty. From the bright-green Welsh valleys to the layered mountains of Scotland, it is time to free your mind from routine and worry. This is one way you can show yourself some self-care without worrying about overspending! Make the most out of NHS staff discounts on UK staycations today.


To get your NHS employees discount on your next UK staycation, make sure to book online within the allocated time frame. You may be asked to provide proof of your NHS occupation. Each holiday supplier has different active times and terms and conditions. Please see here for more details. 

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